Suffering From A Slow Computer? 

One of the biggest complaints I receive is about slow computers. Most people have or know someone that is suffering  from a slow down in speed. This can be one of the most frustrating problems of using a computer. Computers become slow over a period of time by using the Internet. They can also slow down by having old programs that no longer work very well or software corruption. Many people will just buy a new computer but this is usually not necessary.


Computer Health Check

Very often I can clean away a lot of unwanted software, spyware, malware and optimize the computer so that it will run much faster. This can be done in your home or remotely and takes up to an hour.

Price: £40


Computer Reload

If however the problem is more deep rooted and there is a possibility of serious viruses then I will advise a full reload of the computer. For this I will need the computer for around 24-48 hours and perform the following;

    • take the computer
    • save all your data, photos, documents, music etc.
    • format and test the hard disk
    • reload the computer
    • put your data back on
    • return the computer to you.

A full reload is £75


Computer Upgrade

If your computer is a few years old and it takes a long time to turn on and to load programs it's most likely to be the hard drive. This is an easy upgrade which just requires putting in a new hard drive. The hard drives are now "Solid State"  drives which have no moving parts and will increase the speed of the computer considerably. Your data will be transferred from the old drive to the new drive. A hard drive upgrade will increase the speed of the computer but not the internet, that is a different issue.

An Upgrade including New Hard Drive, Data Transfer and Labour is £150




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