Online Safety Tips for Children and Young People



Stay safe...

      • Use a nickname instead of your real name
      • Don’t tell anyone personal things about yourself - like where you live, your surname, phone number, email or the name of your school
      • Instead of posting photos of yourself online, use a cartoon or a picture of your favourite band
      • Only send and post things you would be happy for your parents or a teacher to see.
      • Remember that once something is online it can be copied and posted in other places where you can’t get rid of it.


Stay in control...

      • Keep your passwords secret, even from your friends
      • Make your profiles private so only friends can see them
      • Never accept people you don’t know as friends online


Avoid problems...

      • Never agree to meet someone in person that you have only ever met online. Some people tell lies and may not be who they say they are.
      • Respect other people’s privacy and feelings - don’t send info, photos or gossip about other people without asking them first.
      • Watch out for junk messages, links to dodgy sites and scams to get your money - ignore the links, don’t reply and don’t give out your details.


Sort problems...

      • Talk to an adult you trust about any problems or worries.
      • If you get a weird or upsetting message, do not reply. Show the message to an adult instead.
      • If you don’t know who to talk to, call ChildLine on 0800 1111.





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